Invisible Orthodontics
in San Sebastian

What is Orthodontics


Orthodontics Invisible is a new, painless and highly effective system for aligning your teeth and improving your smile without anyone noticing that you are wearing a brace. That is why it is the treatment most demanded by our patients.

The method is based on invisible removable aligners that are designed ad hoc for the characteristics of your mouth. The aligners are changed every one to two weeks so that the teeth move gradually and precisely towards the final position projected by the doctor.

In each stage, only certain teeth are moved following a treatment plan for that phase. In this way we correct malocclusions step by step and in a millimetric way, practically invisibly.

Causes or symptoms to recur
to Invisible Orthodontics





cross bite


deep bite



who is recommended
Invisible Orthodontics?

Invisible orthodontic treatment with Orthodontics Invisible can be performed on adults, adolescents and children. And depending on the needs and age of each patient, we offer a tailored solution.

Orthodontics Invisible Full.  For adults.

Orthodontics Invisible Lite.   Mild malpositions.

Orthodontics Invisible First.  For children between 6 and 11 years old.

Orthodontics Invisible Teen.  For teenagers.

Orthodontics Invisible Express.  Crowding or diastema.


what are the stages
of Invisible Orthodontics?

1. During the first visit, we carry out a personalized study of your mouth in order to fully understand its needs and characteristics and, therefore, that of the transparent aligners that will subsequently be created to suit you.

2. We design the treatment with which, thanks to advanced 3D imaging technology, you will be able to see the result of your new smile, and we give you your Clincheck, where you have all the information about your aligners and the treatment phases.

3. On the day of placement we will give you a Masterclass and your Orthodontics Invisible KIT.

4. We will quote you for revisions, at first monthly and then bimonthly.

5. In a few months you will be showing off your new smile.


What are the advantages
of Invisible Orthodontics?

Painless and very comfortable.

It does not interfere with speech or eating.

It is the most aesthetic treatment.

Improves oral hygiene.

It is removable and easy to use.

You know in advance the final result of the treatment.

You know in advance the treatment time.

It is ideal for patients with allergies to metals.

Brief inquiries.

spaced quotes

Contact sports can be played.

Avoid descaling.

Minimize the number of emergencies.

Does not require emergencies.

How long
should I bring the device?

The duration of Orthodontics Invisible treatment is usually from 7 to 30 months depending on the complexity of the case as it depends on the initial state. That is why a preliminary study is essential to adapt the treatment and the objectives and achieve the best result in the shortest possible time.

What happens if I don’t wear the device for the necessary hours?

Being an almost invisible design, all patients wear it without any problem during the recommended hours. But if you do not comply with the guidelines given by the doctor, it is possible that the next aligner will not fit correctly since it will not have finished performing its function, which would delay the process. For that reason we monitor you continuously so that everything works perfectly.


Post treatment:
care and duration

The post treatment includes fixed and removable retainers, which help to complete the process and fix the result obtained so that you can show off your new smile forever.

1. Fixed retainers: They are thin sheets of wire that are placed on the inside of the teeth, from fang to fang, both in the upper and lower parts, and that prevent any alteration of the results.

2. Removable retainers: They are plastic covers, like aligners, but more rigid and slightly thicker (1 millimeter). We will indicate the hours that you should wear them and that normally coincide with the hours of sleep.

How much
Invisible Orthodontics?

The price of an Invisible Orthodontic treatment can range between €1,000 and €6,000 depending on the complexity of the case. The only way to know exactly the final price is to carry out a previous study, where we see the needs and times, and thus get the exact price so that you can make your decision.

Do you want to know how to solve your problem
and know how much it would cost you to enjoy
of a beautiful smile?

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