Functional Orthodontics
for children

What is Orthodontics
Functional for children?

It is a technique that uses the muscles of the face and jaws to expand or restrain the maxilla, correct the palate to avoid problems with the bite and reduce the prominence of the upper front teeth while they are growing.

It is applied between the ages of 6 and 11, although as men finish craniofacial growth later than women we have more room to treat them, and fixed and removable appliances can be applied, depending on the case and the patient, with designs personalized and to the taste of each child.

At the end of the treatment, it is necessary to use a removable retainer device, such as a Klammt Elastic Activator or Positioner.


Types of Orthodontics
functional for children

removable appliances

The Klammt or Klammt Open Elastic Activator is a functional one-piece device compacted by acrylic and joined by wires that give it elasticity.

The activator produces a functional occlusion, treating mandibular retrusion, contributing to the development of the lower third of the face, eliminating deep overbites and expanding narrow maxillary and mandibular arches. In addition, it corrects protruded upper incisors and excessive projection problems.

It is a removable device, it can be removed and put on.

It is efficient and comfortable thanks to its small size.

It can be used in mixed dentition or permanent dentition.

Allows optimization of mandibular functional movements.

It presents a very good aesthetic aspect thanks to its customizable designs.


fixed appliance

The Breaker or McNamara, also known as an expander, is a device used to perform an orthopedic expansion of the maxilla.

The device exerts force against the lateral sectors of the upper jaw, achieving the separation of the cleft palate and, thanks to this expansion, we increase the length of the upper arch and gain space.

This treatment is performed in cases where there is a contraction of the transverse alignment of the upper arch, such as in cases of crossbite, due to the correction of crown inclinations, negative torque, etc.


Invisalign First for children

Children’s malocclusion problems can also be corrected with Invisalign First clear aligners. They are more comfortable and discreet since they are removable, transparent and painless and perform the same function as braces.


What causes or symptoms require
of Functional Orthodontics in children?

The best way to know if a child needs braces is to seek the opinion of an experienced orthodontist. But as parents we are very attentive to any problem of our children, we give you some brushstrokes of situations that can give you the clue that your child needs orthodontics:

Malposition of the teeth.

Badly angled incisors.

Premature loss of milk teeth.

Late eruption of teeth.


Underbite or mandibular prognathism.

Cross bite.


Rotated teeth.

Displaced midline.

Excessive space between the teeth.


Speech problems.

Mouth breathing.

Sleep apnea.

Who is Functional Orthodontics recommended for?

We always recommend that children visit us for the first time from the age of 3 or 4 to become familiar with their mouth and its development, seeing possible problems, putting remedies from the beginning and that, from the age of 6, when the permanent molars come out , let’s detect if there is a malocclusion, since an early diagnosis helps prevent problems.

Functional Orthodontic treatment in children is recommended when they are in  stages of development, between 6 and 11 years. This is because it is designed to favor the correct growth of the jaws and teeth, and this is the best age to be able to modify them at a functional level.

During the growth period, it is much easier to correct any alteration in development since mandibular growth can be better worked on and bad habits of the child that can affect their oral health can be resolved. As in the case of thumb sucking or a bad position of the tongue when swallowing.

The  Functional Orthodontics  It is the best solution to take care of the teeth and their development, but to control any incidence it is very important to go to the orthodontist early and check it regularly.


Treatment duration

The duration of treatment is usually  between 6 and 18 months but it can vary depending on the case since it depends on the problems that cause it and on whether the child wears the device for the indicated time  by the orthodontist. It should also be borne in mind that the treatment will not be withdrawn until the appearance of the final molars.

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